Complete Guide to the Finest Dining and Eateries in Aruba

Aruba caters for all walks of life and when it comes to elegant dining or those local little roadside restaurants with all the homemade food, Aruba has it's share. Aruba has some of the finest rated cuisine to be found in the world and mix this with little quaint hole in the wall eateries, well it makes your taste buds work overtime! International, American, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and many more varieties of food are available so you will never get bored, just wanting for the next meal!

If you have special restaurants or little eateries, any place you call special to eat at not listed on the island, we would love to hear about it. Simply write to us at and tell us, we will be happy to add it to our growing list of restaurants on Aruba.


Gasparito 11 C, Noord
Phone: (297) 586-6172
Bucaneer Restaurant in Aruba

Aruba Realty's Review

This restaurant is uniquely designed to give the feel of being in a sunken ship, it is surrounded by a 12,000 gallon saltwater aquarium and each table has its own rectangular porthole next to it. Diners will enjoy watching the array of barracudas, sharks and grouper swimming past them while they are enjoying a delicious meal at this fascinating restaurant. As you would imagine the seafood served in this restaurant is excellent and there is always catch of the day on offer, the menu is extensive and offers meat dishes as well as fish. The atmosphere is great and the kids are sure to love the fun dcor and the experience of seeing the fish swimming by so close!

El Gaucho Argentine Grill

Wilhelminastraat 80,Oranjestad
Phone: (297) 582-3677
El Gaucho Argentine Grill in Aruba

Aruba Realty's Review

If you love meat and have a big appetite, this is the restaurant for you! The theme of this restaurant is meat served in mammoth portions. The restaurant set in a colonial townhouse and is beautifully decorated in traditional Argentinian style with real cowhide seats complimenting the intimate booths. The food served here is absolutely excellent and the menu includes anything from steaks and seafood to salads and soups! If you are looking for a good hearty meal, this is the place to come while you are in Aruba.


Caya Ing Roland H. Lacle 12, Oranjestad
Phone: (297) 588-0053
Gostoso Restaurant in Aruba

Aruba Realty's Review

This restaurant is a real favorite with the locals in Aruba, the mixture of Portugese, Aruban and International dishes keep locals and visitors returning time after time. The dcor is a welcoming mixture of kitsch and cozy and there is plenty of outdoor seating to accommodate diners. The menu is plentiful with a good mixture of meat and seafood to suit all tastes and the owner and staff make all customers feel welcome and comfortable throughout their visit to this outstanding restaurant.


Klipstraat 12
Oranjestad, Aruba
Phone: (297) 583 2515
Driftwood Restaurant in Aruba

Aruba Realty's Review

This restaurant has specialized in seafood since 1986 and all seafood served in the restaurant is actually caught daily by the owner. The Aruban style dishes have kept diners returning to enjoy the ambient natural driftwood dining room together with the mouthwatering cuisine prepared by a talented local chef. The menu includes traditional Aruban dishes, the freshest fish, biggest shrimp and most succulent lobster.

Chefs Tables

Bubali 16 Oranjestad
Phone: (297) 587 8140
Chefs Tables Restaurant in Aruba

Aruba Realty's Review

This cozy restaurant opened in 2006 and prides itself on the tasty dishes served by incredibly welcoming staff, the open kitchen allows you to see the talented chefs preparing your meal from scratch. The atmosphere in the restaurant is warm and relaxed, and the cuisine is absolutely divine with a menu that includes seafood, meats and excellent deserts.

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