About Aruba

Aruba’s beautiful beaches and consistently great weather make it the perfect get away.

The slow rise of the trail unvails a landscape full of surprises with cacti-studded views opening up to reveal the stretch of rock-hewn.


Aruba, well-known for its warm hearted and well spirited people, enjoys a mix of different cultures. People from over 40 different nationalities who work together for a better community and economy, who are a big influence when people decide to come live or spend their vacation on this friendly island.

Sunny and Warm

With the average rainfall of less than 20 inches a year, an average daytime temperature of 80 Fahrenheit, a location completely outside the hurricane belt and the constant cooling influence of the trade winds, Aruba is one of the most temperate islands in the Caribbean. It is just a comfortable in July as it is in January.


Whether you are looking for a relaxing time, or the adventure of your lifetime, we got it all here on Aruba. Enjoy our relaxing white sandy beaches, our beautiful sunsets, a day snorkeling or get some adrenaline running thru your body with some of our extreme sports right here on the same island, where surfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing are part of the fun


When it comes to our nightlife, Aruba has very active nights. You can enjoy a night out dancing and you can choose your style. Whether it’s Caribbean music you want or Latin or rock n’ roll, the local people will make sure you have a nice time.


International cuisine runs the gamut from French to Fusion, from Italian to Indian, from Japanese to Javanese and from Argentinean steakhouses to Caribbean-style seafood restaurants. Local cuisine carries its own distinction with the sharp taste of a local “yerbe hole” basil bringing out the best of the “catch of the day.”

Historically, Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles, a six-island federation which also included Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. This island grouping, in turn, formed the Caribbean component of the Dutch Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy with the Queen of Holland having the dual role of head of state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as of the country of Holland. Although Aruba has a separate status, it still retains strong economic, cultural, political and defense ties with Holland and her "sister" islands.

Why not start a second dream, come and live happy with us!

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