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real estate indicated map of Palm Beach, Aruba Location:
The two mile long strip known as Palm Beach features sugar white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal blue waters and can only be described as a place of pure paradise. Palm beach is situated northwest of the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad and is a strong contender for one of the worlds most luxurious holiday destinations. Home to several high rise hotels, fabulous water sporting activities, relaxing beach bars and fine quality restaurants and shops its hard to imagine a place more perfect. A walk along these glorious shores at dawn is a romantic and memorable experience with the tangerine tint of the sun shimmering on the aqua blue ocean is truly a breathtaking moment.

Luxury homes in Palm Beach:
Palm Beach is known for its truely luxurious real estate on Aruba with beautiful villas having private pools and large grounds, condos in high rises having stunning views across the sea and large homes. The area is famous for its rich and famous and the property for sale justifies this. Imagine waking up to a view of the crystal blue ocean, white sandy shores and swaying palm trees. Palm Beach paradise resort is extremely child friendly and features an array of activities which will make the children smile from head to toe.

Learn why buyers choose Palm Beach, Aruba:

The atmosphere found at Palm Beach matches its beauty and tranquillity with its friendly environment making most people simply relax and unwind. A visit to Palm Beach in Aruba will open your eyes to a more stress free way of living and show you the true meaning of the word community. Locals are so friendly, warm and welcoming that all new residents quickly become involved in the island way of life. The year round sunny climate gives you many more opportunities to enjoy quality family time together and you will quickly feel yourselves bonding and uniting together as a family. The Bustling tourist trade creates plenty of job opportunities with a huge space in the market for new businesses. So starting a new business is definitely not a problem. Arubas schooling is outstanding with several schools and nurseries dotted throughout the island that suit children of all ages, so rest assured your children will be well looked after too.

Aruba property types for buyers to invest in Palm Beach, Aruba:

The real estate available on Palm Beach is simply luxurious, no matter whether you are looking for large luxurious villas, single family homes, or condos over looking the ocean, you will be able to find something to suit your tastes and budget. If you have always dreamed of designing your own home, Aruba Realty have plenty of vacant land available for you to realize your dream. It is always advisable to speak to those who are in the know so go with the official agent for the world reknown Real Estate agents Coldwell Banker, Aruba Realty. Aruba Realty takes pride in its professionalism, personalization and perfection and will guarantee you seafe and secure completion on the purchase of your new property in Aruba.

Points of interest and activities in Palm Beach, Aruba:

The amount of activities and adventures this high class resort offers travelers is astonishing and will entertain people no matter what their interests or hobbies are. Whether you are travelling alone, with your family or in a group you will have complete filled days of excitement and laughter. Apart from the usual scuba diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the paradise shores, Palm Beach also offers fine dining experiences, adventure play grounds, sky diving, extreme water sports and much more. The year round sunny climate allows you to achieve maximum use of the activities and whilst you are experiencing a world full of excitement and adventure you will still get to soak up all those glorious rays. A list below notes some of the fantastic adventures and attractions that you simply must explore while on vacation in Palm Beach, Aruba.

Highly recommended points of interest in Palm Beach:

    Beautiful View of Arashi Beach ArubaArashi Beach - This tranquil and secluded beach is well known for its fabulous array of water sports, Swimming, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, sailing, wind surfing and snorkeling are just a few this truly magical beach offers. Arashi is the perfect place for spending time with loved ones and the sapphire sunset will simply blow your mind. Please note that there are no tourist facilities here so remember to come prepared and pack a picnic.

    Seaview of the California LighthouseCalifornia Lighthouse - Originally designed to warn ships on the coastline, this fantastic landmark is now a hugely popular tourist attraction. The lighthouse offers visitors the most spectacular views of the island for fantastic photo opportunities, so please dont forget your camera. The Lighthouse is Perched on a high seaside elevation and is situated directly opposite the California Sand Dunes, another family fun adventure waiting to be explored. There is also a little Italian restaurant that you can enjoy light refreshments and high quality food at very reasonable prices.

    Ducks in the Bubali Sanctuary ArubaBubali Bird Sanctuary - For nature and bird lovers this is a must visit attraction. You can witness birds like Pelicans, Black Cormorants, Sandpipers and Storks as they hunt for food and bathe in the scenic waterscape coated in lush greenery. A highly recommended time to visit is in the early mornings or around sunset as this is when the birds are at their peak. There is an observation deck where you can sit back and take in all the beautiful surroundings and the calmness and quietness of this will simply relax you instantly.

    Stack of Chips at the Hyatt Regency Casino Aruba Casino at the Hyatt Regency Aruba - Have a flutter at this fantastic, fast and fun casino. This 11,000 square feet building is buzzing, vibrant and has a live Latin band playing in the background. Containing a craps table, 4 roulette tables, 8 Blackjack tables, slots machines and much more, youre sure to find something you love. When you have gambled until your hearts content you can relax in the Casino Bar which has a fabulous array of drinks, American style music is played here creating a fantastic atmosphere. If youre not a big gambler dont worry as gambling here ranges from $0.001 cent to $5.00.

    Front View of the Olde Molen Windmill Aruba Olde Molen - This glorious windmill is a popular local hang out and is the place where all the party goers must visit. It is open till 3am week nights and 6 am at weekends. If you dont want to end the night, then pop along to Olde Molen. There is a fabulous bar outside the mill were you can kick back and take in your surroundings and inside the mill itself there is a dance area for people who really like to let their hair down. Olde Molen is the perfect place to kick back, relax and join in with the locals.

    Entrance to Aruba Fun CityOther Places of Interest in Palm Beach - Malmok Reef, Stellaris Casino, Eagle Beach, The Antilla and Aruba Fun City.

Weather info of Palm Beach, Aruba for an investment point of view:

Aruba is most famous for its outstanding climate and on this island you certainly wont be short of sunshine. Unlike most of the Caribbean, Aruba has a dry desert like climate and you are guaranteed days full of sunshine and warmth. Palm Beach is situated directly outside the hurricane belt so unlike like other Caribbean islands, you can ease your mind about tropical storms. Palm Beach does experience rain but in very small doses, in fact Aruba experiences less than 20 inches of rainfall a year. Rainfall in Aruba comes in short sharp showers and within minutes the sun is out shinning again, many people actually find these burst refreshing. Palm Beach is blessed with a steady gentle breeze from the trade winds due to its location in the Craibbean. The average daily temperature here is around 28 degrees and even in the winter months you will only see a little variation, so this climate really does give you a fantastic opportunity to get out, explore and get involved in the wonderful adventures lacing this paradise resort.

How to reach Palm Beach, Aruba as an investor

The closet serving airport to Palm Beach is the Reina Beatrix Airport located less than five miles away. Reina Beatrix is a popular airport and many international airlines fly to and from here on a daily basis. Its close proximity to Palm Beach itself offers visitors several options when looking for transportation. Taxis are situated just outside the doors and can be hired on arrival, as well there are several local car rental companies waiting on your arrival giving you the flexibility to rent a car for your vacation. Cars can be rented at a daily or weekly rate and can be suited to all needs, budgets and requirements. Once you are settled into your Palm Beach home, you will probably want to get out and esplore the area, if you do not want to rent a car, you have several other options available to you for getting around, such as taxis and buses.

How buying through a top Coldwell Banker estate agent helps?

If you are joining the many expats here in Aruba and have decided to search for the perfect property within the Palm Beach area, it will definitely be helpful to you to consult an expert real estate agent. It is always advisable to speak with a reputable and reliable agent so that you are fully aware of the whole process of purchasing on the island, which may be obviously different to that of your home country.

Complete guidance to investors:
Coldwell Banker Aruba Realty provides comprehensive services for each and every client and will assist you in every step of the procedure, from choosing the perfect house for sale on Aruba right up until you are standing outside of your new home with the keys in your hand. After your closing, were here to help you with island resources and suggestions. When you arrive on Aruba, why not stop in and see us for an informal chat to see what we can offer you?

This absolutely magical two mile stretch of land can only be described as pure paradise and will fulfil all your vacationing dreams, wishes and expectations. Palm Beach will simply melt your heart with its outstanding scenery, paradise beaches and excellent real estate. Residents and tourist will feel like a million dollars as they walk the sugar white shores and dip their toes in to the warm tranquil ocean. The excitement, thrills and adventure of this exclusive resort will have you and your family bursting at the seams and the near perfect climate will encourage you to enroll yourselves in once in a lifetime activities that you will never get to experience again. What better reasons are there to make the choice of buying property on Aruba in Palm Beach. Luxurious properties such as villas, fantastic condos and single use family homes are just part of the selection of homes and property for sale in Aruba. Let Aruba Realty show you arouns and make that life changing decision to purchase a home on Aruba.

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