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real estate indicated map of Malmok, Aruba Location:
The Malmok and Bakval area of Aruba is situated almost at the tip of the island. Malmok beach is a beautiful little stretch of sand that interrupts the limestone and rocky terrace along Malmoks coast. The shallow clear waters of this beach make it a favorite spot for snorkelers and divers. This area of Aruba is absolutely stunning, peaceful and perfect for vacations which is why so many tourists visit here each year. The weather is wonderful all year round and you are guaranteed to have days filled with sunshine throughout your entire vacation. Malmok is also the name of a residential area with a variety of beautiful properties which people are quickly snapping up as vacation homes or even permanent homes to re-locate here with their family. Malmok and Bakval both have a vast selection of Aruba property for sale in luxurious villas, condos and private homes in gated communities close to all amenities. The main road through Malmok leads to the famous California Lighthouse, Tierra Sol 18 hole golf course, Arashi beach and many other landmarks of Aruba which you will enjoy exploring while here.

Luxury homes in Malmok/Bakval:
People looking for their perfect second home or new permanent home choose this area not just for the wonderful natural beauty, gorgeous weather and great activities but also because the real estate on offer is excellent. The living conditions in this area are second to none and the private homes, villas and condos are incredibly luxurious. No matter whether you are searching for a large or small home, or even want something with an ocean view, you can have it all in the Malmok / Bakval area of Aruba.

Learn why buyers choose Malmok/Bakval, Aruba:

Aruba has become one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean for relocation, of course this is due to the glorious weather and relaxing lifestyle, however there are other factors attracting people to live on the island. Aruba has a thriving tourism industry which has created many job openings and opportunities for new businesses, so if you are thinking of living in Malmok or Bakval you will not have a problem finding employment or starting a new business. If you are moving here with a young family, education is also very good on the island with schools catering for kids of all ages, so the whole family will be able to live here safe in the knowledge that these details will be taken care of. The locals in Malmok and Bakval are incredibly welcoming to all visitors and newcomers and are happy to help you settle into your new home and become part of the community. Once you are in Malmok you will soon realize how easy it is for people to fall in love with the area and never want to leave.

Aruba property types for buyers to invest in Malmok/Bakval, Aruba:

The types of homes here in Malmok/Bakval are luxurious, so not only are you surrounded by stunning scenery outside, you will also be living in beautiful surroundings within your perfect home. The choice of real estate is varied with anything from beachfront houses and villas with their own pool and luxurious decoration to single family homes or excellent condos perfect for couples and small families near to beaches. Buyers can choose from homes in gated communities, homes on the beach or even vacant land lots which are just waiting for you to design and build your dream home. With such a huge choice of real estate , whatever your needs, preferences or budget, you are guaranteed to find that perfect home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

Points of interest and activities in Malmok/Bakval, Aruba:

Malmok and Bakval are very popular areas for tourists to visit each year, and with the near perfect weather, beautiful sandy beaches and excellent activities who could blame them. If you are planning a visit to Malmok to begin the search for your dream home, you will probably be interested in finding out what sort of activities are on offer for your visit and finally make the move. There are plenty of things to see and do including water-sports, land activities and interesting and historical landmarks, so there will be something to cater for all the families needs every day of your stay.

Highly recommended points of interest in Malmok/Bakval:

    Beautiful Peaceful Malmok BeachMalmok Beach - This is a beautiful beach perfect for laying your towel down for the day to sunbath with powder soft white sand, lots of pebbles and stones. The beach is very popular for swimming, snorkeling and diving in the clear peaceful water. There are beach huts to offer shade but no other facilities are available.

    Wrecked Ship AntillaThe Antilla - Just a short drive away from Malmok and Bakval, this shipwreck was a German freighter sunk during world war II. This is a great place to dive and snorkel to see all the beautiful coral and marine life in the underwater world of Aruba. If you are a keen diver or snorkeler, this is one you will not want to miss.

    California Lighhouse in ArubaCalifornia Lighthouse - Originally built to warn ships from the coastline, the lighthouse is now an historical landmark for tourists to visit. Named after the S.S. California which sunk previous to the lighthouse's construction in 1910 and sat on a high elevation, visitors can expect to see some of the most breathtaking views of anywhere in Aruba.

    facinating Caves of Guadirikiri Guadirikiri Caves - Situated on the property of the Arikok National Park, the caves are just a short distance from Malmok and Bakval and well worth the visit. Stretching into the mountain for 100 feet, the caves are dark and damp with small holes which let the sunlight in. On a tour visitors will be taken to see fascinating native cave drawings and a bat habitat.

Weather info of Malmok/Bakval, Aruba for an investment point of view:

The weather in Malmok/Bakval is perfect almost all year round and as you would expect from Aruba most days will be filled with sunshine and just perfect for a day on the beach or enjoying the attractions. Temperatures usually stay around 26 degrees all year round and the rain rarely falls, in fact the only time there is a chance of rain is between November and January when there are showers which are generally quick and followed immediately by glorious sunshine. The trade winds that constantly breeze over Aruba make the atmosphere less humid so that the heat is never unbearable. Malmok and Bakval are great to visit at any time of the year and all residents here will tell you that the area is a perfect place to live all year round.

How to reach Malmok/Bakval, Aruba as an investor

The closest airport to Malmok is the Queen Beatrix International Airport, it is served by many international airlines so there is always a good choice of flights. Malmok and Bakval are around 8 miles from the airport so it will be a quick journey to your home. You have several options for onward journeys from the airport such as car rental, public buses and taxis. If you choose car rental you can also use this to get around the area during your stay. However if you prefer to leave the driving to someone else you could also use public buses or taxis which will take you to where ever you want to be.

How buying through a top Coldwell Banker estate agent helps?

If you are joining the many expats here in Aruba and have decided to search for the perfect property within the Malmok/Bakval area, it will definitely be helpful to you to consult an expert real estate agent. It is always advisable to speak with a reputable and reliable agent so that you are fully aware of the whole process of purchasing on the island, which may be obviously different to that of your home country.

Complete guidance to investors:
Coldwell Banker Aruba Realty provides comprehensive services for each and every client and will assist you in every step of the procedure, from choosing the perfect house for sale on Aruba right up until you are standing outside of your new home with the keys in your hand. After your closing, were here to help you with island resources and suggestions. When you arrive on Aruba, why not stop in and see us for an informal chat to see what we can offer you?

Malmok and Bakval are excellent areas of Aruba to visit, the weather, beaches, scenery and activities all make this one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the entire Caribbean. The real estate in this sector of Aruba is absolutely excellent with a wide choice of luxury accommodation ranging from large estates, villas on the beachfront, condos which can come fully furnished to the highest specification and lots of vacant land which is perfect to build your dream home on. If you are considering a move here you will not be disappointed and there are plenty of opportunities for work and schooling so everything will be taken care of. If you are searching for a new life which is more relaxing, calm and enjoyable you have come to the right place, Malmok/Bakval is a beautiful part of Aruba and is the perfect place for a family to live together in safety and tranquility.

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