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2013-05-29 04:29:19 by
This Luxurious and comfortable condominium offers all that you could want in a beach condo. You are at a stroll from the beach and you will have a beautiful pool area with hot tub and BBQ area. Price:$498,000 Read more about this listing... [more]
2013-05-29 04:26:37 by
The Harbour Island Marina offers a rare opportunity to acquire a newly renovated premiere waterfront property in Beautiful Harbour Island. Situated to the south of Dunmore Town on the protected harbour side of the island, the marina comprises 5.5 acres of developable land, with 50 wet slips. Price:... [more]
2013-05-27 09:08:38 by
No summer would be complete without a garden party, so if you are considering holding on of your own this year, check out the tips below for everything from menu planning to decoration to make your garden stylish for an affordable price. Whether you are holing a laid-back affair or something more formal... [more]
2013-05-27 07:51:37 by
This weekend the Budget Marine Cup is taking place, a trial run for those who will compete in the annual Aruba Rembrandt Regatta. The regatta takes place on the weekend of Aug 10th, 11th and 12th, at Eagle Beach. In a fun packed weekend, around 30 sailing races will take place in different... [more]
2013-05-18 16:55:04 by
Are you feeling uninspired? Want to sleep better at night? Repainting your walls with a different color scheme could be just what is called for, or at least the first step in getting out of your rut. While color is not a magical solution to problems,it does have a big effect on our mood and outlook... [more]
2013-05-18 15:15:20 by
This good size home with paved garden and swimming pool is located in Esmeralda. The well finished home features a tile roof, granite kitchen countertop, Storm shutters as some of the testaments to the owners adherence to quality and peace of mind. Price:$549,000 Read more about this listing... [more]
2013-05-18 14:10:42 by
The two remaining polesitters, Liesbeth Cornes and Shurman Williams were anticipating an easy road to breaking the National Polesitting record of 87.45 hours on Sunday morning. The hardest part, the night between Saturday and Sunday, was now behind them. Nathan Janse and Ramond Kempen stepped off their... [more]
2013-05-11 03:50:41 by
This spacious Fixer Upper is located on the main road of Adriaan Lacle Blvd. and has a lot to offer. It is located in close proximity to schools, airport and shopping areas in town. Price:$700,000 Read more about this listing... [more]
2013-05-11 03:17:09 by
If you are thinking about decorating your living room, but have never embarked on this type of project before it can be a bit of a daunting task. It is best to make sure you have planned what you want to do and have given yourself enough time to achieve the look you want. If you are having trouble... [more]
2013-05-11 02:58:21 by
The Caribbean Queen store at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall has introduced its Caribbean Queen for the month of April. She is Visual Artist, Art Professor, Marketing Manager, and the Director of Aruba Art au Plateau Foundation, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede. With many exhibitions and art projects to her credit... [more]
2013-05-03 14:25:40 by
Have your kids flown the nest? Do you feel like you are rattling around your ARUBA PROPERTY? Do you want to reduce your utility bills? Although moving from a home that you have lived in for many years and possible brought up your family in can be difficult emotionally, there are ways to create a more... [more]
2013-05-03 14:09:29 by
One of the best international and educational summer Arts programmes, held here on Aruba is back. Introducing a new website, new teachers and a new city as a location to teach over 250 young aspiring artists some of who live in ARUBA REAL ESTATE about the world of Arts. Started in 2010 by the Pancake... [more]
2013-04-26 02:53:35 by
This property is a parcel of property land, 15585 m2 / 167,756 sq/ft in size located at Modanza. The area is located about the middle of the island. Price:$700,450 Read more about this listing... [more]
2013-04-26 02:07:57 by
Installing a pool in your ARUBA PROPERTY means that you will have many fun times ahead making lots of great summer memories and you might even want to work away those extra christmas pounds by hitting the water and doing a few laps. Although, while these options are very exciting, owning a pool does... [more]
2013-04-26 01:47:54 by
Aruba Bank has announced the opening of its Customer Service Center at the Super Food Plaza. The official opening was conducted by Aruba Bank Managing Director, Marcelline Richardson.The new Customer Service Center is designed to highlight services and products offered by Aruba Bank, at the... [more]
2013-04-17 09:52:52 by
Preservation of the environment is currently a hot topic, and while recycling is a part of the solution for saving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the best option is to prevent or reduce the amount of waste that is generated in the first place. There are many things homeowners... [more]
2013-04-17 09:40:49 by
Brand-new and Luxurious building located in the Chamber of Commerce Business park, across from the Divi Resort. Price:$2,500,000 Read more about this listing... [more]
2013-04-17 09:32:42 by
Last week saw the annual Aruba Xtreme sports contest take place, with some superb performances from young and old residents who live in ARUBA REAL ESTATE. In the Windsurfing Small Final, Rafael de Windt pulled out a huge forward loop, wowing the crowds, and taking first place from Steven Max. In the... [more]
2013-04-10 11:03:08 by
Few home-maintenance projects are as important as exterior painting because a nice paint job will enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your ARUBA PROPERTY. You should repair and repaint your home as soon as you notice paint starting to crack, blister and peel. If you choose to ignore these... [more]
2013-04-10 10:33:39 by
MOTIVATED SELLERS!!This is a unique investment opportunity!! This apartment complex has a total of 10 apartments. Price:$435,400 Read more about this listing... [more]
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